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Advanced Film Technology

Viegard Autonet continuously carry out Research and Development on studies for tinting products, quality control, products testing and comparisons, photometer experimental testing, practical solar…

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What Is Viegard Autonet ?

Offering tinting services for cars, homes, and offices, auto technicians at Wincool Window Films with more than 6 years of experience roll out Agard tints from the USA.

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Benefit of Tinting

Viegard Autonet Film achieved their outstanding infra-red, UV and total heat rejection, completely stainless and prevent from discoloration.

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Our Tinting Services

Car Window Tinting

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Car window tinting is one of the most essential auto accessories that you

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Commercial Window Tinting

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It is a very normal practice for owners of commercial properties,

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Residential Window Tinting

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Natural sunlight is good for health as it promotes the growth

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Viegard Technology


Experience glare and fade control like you never knew before. VIEGARD AUTONET range of metallic and sputtered – based window films are quality products of a technologically advanced breakthrough, setting new standards in comfort, security and aesthetics of every modern home.


An increase of 1°C in the air-conditioned indoor air temperature setting could reduce air-conditioning electricity consumption by about 3%.*

VIEGARD AUTONET window films provide business owners and facility managers with an economical way to improve their bottom line by reducing air condition loading. Thus, effectively reducing energy consumption. Not only does window film enhance building appearance and improve occupant comfort, it dramatically increases energy efficiency – reducing operating expenses year after year.


VIEGARD AUTONET window film reflects a high percentage of the solar heat directly back through the glass, significantly lowering inside temperatures. Personal comfort and worker productivity are increased while air conditioning costs are decreased.


VIEGARD AUTONET high tech window films are manufactured with the industry’s latest technologies, using only the finest materials to guarantee long lasting performance. This is developed using proven groundbreaking technology; By metallic sputter: metallizing our High Tech films on multi-layer polyester. Up to 25 to 30 different types of durable metals and alloys (e.g. Titanium, Chromium, Gold, Copper and Silver) can be sputtered on each layer depending on the film type.

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