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Residential Window Tinting

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Natural sunlight is good for health as it promotes the growth of Vitamin D in our bodies. Not only that, it can also rejuvenate your glum mood, turning what down into up. So when you find out that you are not in the ‘right’ mood or felling lazy, make sure that you pull up the curtains and let the sunlight comes in.

However, its UV rays are also known to be the main cause of several types of skin related disease and cancer. Constant exposure to the sun light can be hazardous. Apart from health related implications, practical concerns that might interest you include high indoor temperature, distracting glares that hurt your eyes and also faded household items.

You might be wondering what you can do to cut down if not eliminates totally the harmful effects of the sunlight on your home. Well, it can be done with residential window tinting; you will be able to filter the sunlight that penetrates the window and protect yourself, your family and all your belongings. Just as how the car window tinting works, window tint films for your residential are the latest innovation that increase your energy efficiency and style. Some of the benefits of window tinting include:

– Blocking solar heat and keep your interior cool even in hot days
– Filtering out UV rays up to 99%
– Increasing privacy and prevent outside people to peek through your window
– Protecting the house interior from sun damage and fading
– Protecting you and your family from skin damage

Did you ever take some time to check out the current colour of your carpeting and plush sofa? If you did, you would notice that the fabric colour has washed out and faded compared to what it had looked like the first time you brought them home. The same also goes for your wood flooring, rubber based furniture, old photographs, wallpaper and decorative items. This is especially true in rooms that get a significant amount of sunlight where the deteriorating effects are more noticeable.

That is what makes residential window tinting so great or perhaps the most suitable word, advantageous. The light and heat filtering capabilities of window tint film mean you will be able to safeguard any brand-new furnishings and protect your existing ones from getting damage before the period of wear and tear arrives. Just as the same way that car window tinting protects the car interiors like car audio components, dashboard, cushion and leather seats from sun damage, residential films will protect your home furnishings and delicate skin.

Moreover, keeping your residential cool and comfortable can be a huge drain on your expenses, especially in the hot weather we have here in Malaysia. Your air conditioner would have to work very hard to maintain the coolness environment, particular when the solar heat that streams through the windows are not filtered. It takes more energy and resources to maintain and regulate the temperature. And well, the results are higher monthly utility bills that make you want to rip your hair out. However, with residential window tinting, you will be able to block or filter out solar heat from entering your home and thus making your home more cooler without needing to spend nearly as much energy.

Lastly, with all of the latest researches proving the negative effects of high energy consumption (that leads to global warming) and sun exposure, residential window tinting can help you to do your part for the environment and your own health.

The Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

  1. Window tinting minimizes AC loss & increases energy savings.
  2. It protects furniture, carpets, and drapes from fading
  3. Window tinting blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays, offering sun protection.
  4. Window film adds to the integrity of the glass, making it safer and more durable.
  5. Window tinting reduces glare inside your home or office.
  6. Tinting adds privacy.
  7. Some window tinting offers a decorative appeal.