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- Complete UV protection

- 100% skin protection

- Blue light protection 

- Extra protection for your eyes

- Heat Insulation and glare reduction

- Affordable protection for your family

Sunlight shines to us and let us feel warm in the morning and it is one of our source of living. But do you know, we also need to protect ourselves when we exposed to the sunlight?
Ultraviolet (UV) – Invisible Skin ‘killer’ that contribute the most damage to our skin which has scientifically proven by Skin Cancer Foundation and World Health Organization.
UV comes from the visible light spectrum with the measurement of wavelength 100nm to 380nm, categorized into 3 classification:


UV Classification:

UVA (320 – 380nm) – Can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and is responsible for the immediate tanning effect. Furthermore, it also contributes to skin ageing and wrinkling.
UVB (280 – 320nm) – it enhances skin aging and significantly promotes the development of skin cancer. Most solar UVB is filtered by the atmosphere.
UVC (100 – 280nm) – Filtered by the ozone layer


Product Features of the NEW 6+1 “Hot-Melt” Window Film

The new 6+1 “hot-melt” automotive window film series is produced using a newly invented and patented technology. Its manufacturing process is unique, resulting in a product with superior product features.

  • Feature 1 – No Adhesive Lines

The production of conventional automotive window film uses adhesive (BA adhesive), a gummy, binding substance. In this window film manufacturing procedure, it is difficult to avoid the adhesive “lines” – a result of the coating process.

These adhesive “lines” inevitably affects the driver’s line of sight and may cause dizziness.

When required, the new 6+1 “hot-melt” automotive window film series will use the conventional adhesive coating process with the absence of complex glue, resulting in a product that has no adhesive “lines” that affect the driver’s line of sight.


  • Feature 2 – Non Reflective

The insulation issue of conventional automotive window film is resolved with the coating of a metal layer onto the film; these films are normally referred to as metallized or sputtered film.

The new 6+1 “hot-melt” automotive window film series applies a three-dimensional technology dispersing ultrafine rare materials onto the PET layer, resulting in high insulation without the reflection (non reflective).


  • Feature 3 – Stable Insulation Properties

The metals in conventional metallized or sputtered film easily react with the other adhesive substances, which over time, gradually decreases the insulation properties of the film.

The new 6+1 “hot-melt” automotive window film series, using the dispersion technology of ultrafine rare materials on the PET layer, does not come in contact with acidic and alkaline substances, thus maintaining the material’s properties.

Automotive window film produced using this technology has a stable and steady insulation performance.


  • Feature 4 – No Oxidation, No Black or White Borders

Conventional automotive film will result in black borders or white edges as a result of the contact between the metal layer in the film and vapour, as well as, oxidation of the metal.

The severity of this problem increases over time.The insulation material of the new 6+1 “hot-melt” automotive window film series is packaged within the PET layer, thus not coming into contact with air and moisture.

As such, oxidation does not occur and the black border or white edges phenomena will not take place.


  • Feature 5 – No Communications Signal Disruption

Conventional metallized or sputtered automotive film greatly “shields” or blocks thetransmission of communication signals. It disrupts the normal everyday use of wireless devices.

The new 6+1 “hot-melt” automotive window film series uses selected spectrally smart materials in its composition, not “shielding” or disrupting mobile phone signals, ETC and other commonly used wireless devices.


  • Feature 6 – Does Not Easily Fade or Age

Conventionally manufactured automotive window films easily fades and ages, especially for products with an added pigment (colour) in its adhesive.

With the new 6+1 “hot-melt” automotive window film series using patented technology coupled with functional materials packaged within the PET layer, the colour of the film is maintained will not easily fade.


  • Feature 7 – No Degumming, No Bubbling

Conventional manufacturing process employing the use of adhesives, easily degum and hasa bubbling effect.

The new 6+1 “hot-melt” automotive window film series using patented technology, withoutapplying the use of adhesives, has no degumming and bubbling effects.


UV400 series Specification (Exceed the Expectation)

UV400 series offers 100% UV protection from wavelength 10nm-400nm, with extended coverage to cut blue light and rejection up to wavelength 470nm.

Our UV Protection and heat insulation patented film is recognized with high solar energy rejection, shattered glass solution, produce with using first grade material and included all the window film features.

By using the “Hot-Melt” technology, our UV400 series has ultimately enhanced to resolved all the window film common problems.

The specification of our products has uniquely matched for each of every model to achieve the requirement of market & industrial needs.

Reject and block up to 95% IR.

Maximize the performance of window film with T.S.E.R – 65% for Automotive.

Clear visibility of light transmitted through UV400 window film.

Additional product life span to maintain its performance.

Stability of product features has normalized window film common problems.