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Benefit of Tinting


Increase Security – For Solar Security Film
Safety and security films are usually used to improve the
performance of the glass for protection against human impact,
bomb blasts, natural disaster, intrusion or seismic activity.


Prevent Smash & Grab theft – For Solar Security Film
Viegard Autonet Cool Shield Security Film are coated with a thicker
pressure sensitive material and held together with ultra-
strong mounting adhesives. This provides greater elasticity
giving it ‘shock-absorbing’ qualities.


Shatter Proof – For Solar Security Film
Viegard Autonet film has ability to stretch and absorb some
or all of the energy generated by the stress.
The result is that the broken glass may remain intact within the framing system
preventing shards of glass becoming lethal projectiles.


Reduce Heat
When the sun shines brightly, the car interior can be cooled
from window tinting. The less direct sunlight gets into your
car, the cooler it becomes, even with the setting sun. This
not only makes for a more comfortable entry, but less time
cooling off your car.


Max UV Rejection
Another benefit of car window tint is that it blocks UV rays outside the car,
lessening the damage of the sun on the eyes and causing risk of skin cancer,
premature aging, and other perils caused by too much sunlight exposure.


Prevent Fading
Ultraviolet light and solar heat coming through any window
can cause fading and irreparable damage to the valuable things
or material inside your car or house. Raytech solar films
can filter excessive visible light, solar heat and
blocking 99.9% of harmful Ultra violet UV light.


Enhance Window Appearance
Whenever we look at our vehicle window,
we are not happy with the way it looks from the outside.
Perhaps you might like more reflection on the glass,
or we want it to be a bit darker or we want the color
to be appear similar with our vehicle surface color.
Window films can help upgrade our glass color,
light transmission and reflection as well.


Clear Visibility
Viegard Autonet only using the highest quality of
raw material to produce the optical clear polyester
as our product base line. Our films selectively
reject the unwanted infra-red ray and ultraviolet ray,
provide the best clarity and


Fuel Saving
Car tinting can also help you achieve better gas mileage
on your vehicle as the cool interior requires less air conditioning.
This makes the car engine run more efficiently,
and reduce fuel consumption as well.


Multi Color Selection
Viegard Autonet have made every effort to make the colours
on glass as close as possible to the ones you preferred.
We all love our vehicle glass to surround with colour,
which is why choosing the right ones for your car is so important.
Hence, Viegard Autonet is designed to offer help and inspiration for the color selection.

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